Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Three Colours Bike

These days I have 3 mountain bikes again. This is a very happy situation for a mountain biker to find themselves in... so much so that I feel I have reached a state of enlightenment in bicycle ownership. I never find myself wishing I had a different kind of bike, and each bike is particularly good at some specific thing which gives it an identity. How many and what kinds of bike someone needs is a perennial topic of discussion, to which I think the only honest answer is: you don't "need" any bikes at all. Ignoring that conclusion... I have 6. I think 5 would be a better number but I always seem to eventually end up with 6. Three mountain bikes, a touring bike, a BMX, and a utilitarian beast of burden.

Whilst moving my mountain bikes around at lunchtime I found they stack quite neatly against each other. I'm sure this is very significant, so I took a photo of it. Now I'd better eat some lunch and get some work done if I'm going to go for a ride later.

From right to left: The Orange Bike, my new bike, and the White Elephant.