Sunday, December 19, 2010

Snow to city

Lina and I are on our way to the UK for Christmas... but our route has become a little more complex than we expected.  But before I get into that, Paul and I took a pre-work ski up Mt Seymour on Friday and saw a great sunrise.

So, back to the collapsing travel arrangements. We were due to be in Sheffield right about now, but our flight was canceled... and our new flight left us in Newark without a connection. In order to make the best of this sad situation we've spent a day in New York City and will get back on our way to the UK tomorrow (fingers crossed). I've never seen NYC before, and it's been fun. We staying at the quirky, but rather good Pod Hotel.  Tomorrow we're going to run around Central Park before we had back to Newark in the hopes of getting on a 'plane. Fingers crossed!