Thursday, December 2, 2010

Monster chair

The tendonitis in my wrist is improving steadily, but one problem seemed to be that the chair I sit in to work was too low. My desk is unconventionally made from two small sets of drawers (of indeterminate origin) and a nice piece of kitchen counter top that I found in the "scratch and dent" area of Ikea. Luxurious as this sounds, the ergonomics aren't that great. My chair (which I think was previously thrown-out of Paul's employer's office) was a good few inches too low.  What I needed was a suspension-lift kit for my chair. If you can do this to a car...

...then I can raise a chair a couple of inches.

Home Hardware sold me some bolts, some big washers... and a found a piece of ABS pipe in the cupboard left over from making Lina's kayak cart. A couple of moments sawing and some fiddling later, I am triumphantly sitting on this:

"Bigfoot" of the office-chair world.