Monday, March 1, 2010

A comedy of errors.

This weekend was a lot of fun, despite most of it going quite wrong. We had planned to make a visit to Egmont to organize some wedding things, but it turned out not to be a good time for that. We chose to keep the first part of the plan (going to Gibsons to meet our marriage commissioner), and combine that with some mountain biking. The weather looked suspect, but we rode onto the ferry and rode off the other side to meet Greig in Truffles cafe. That all went very well and we are one step closer to getting all this wedding stuff together. We also had some very nice soup.  Full of soup, we rode the "classic" Sunshine Coast loop of the road to Robert's Creek and then the Highway 102 and 103 trails into the long descent down Sidewinder to the ferry. A great 4 hour ride in the damp forest, and we didn't even get rained on much.

On Sunday we had planned to meet some friends at Mt Baker... but luck (or perhaps a lack of competent organization) wasn't in our favor. Alarm clock failure, navigational sense failure, bringing the address of where we were supposed to meet failure... and possibly some other failures did not make a slick start to the day. However, we got our act together and made a little tour up to Herman's Saddle... which was beautiful.

Lina and the view

That view, in case you missed it

That's me, that is.

Not the day to be skiing on steep things apparently

The final failure of the day was "cheap half-day lift ticket failure", as these things apparently don't exist. Oh well. We called it a half-day and made our way back to Vancouver with a bit of gear shopping along the way. We were buying new backpacks as Canada won Olympic Gold in the men's hockey. As we crossed the border there was a whole lot of flag-waving and horn-tooting going on. I think you could fairly say Canadians were quite pleased with the day's result. All in all... so was I.