Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mt Cain Telefest 2010

This weekend we took part in our own "Olympic-partnered event". Actually I doubt it's partnered with anything... but there was a race and it was on skis.

Photo stolen from Paul

Mt Cain delivered some April conditions in February... hot sun and slushy snow. We managed to find some cold and shady spots with better snow, but enjoyed the slush too. I think it was a record-size gathering with Paul, Angie, Me, Lina, Gustav, Marg, Kala, Tom and SJ representing Vancouver plus Paul and Joan from Comox and Jas, Andy, and Deb from Victoria. Some old friends Bob, Patrice, and Hamish who I first met at Mt Cain 5 years ago made a return too.

I put in my usual rather slow performance in the tele-slalom and was convincingly beaten by Paul again. One day I will get him. At least I didn't crash this year. Gustav got 3rd place!

Of course there are a lot of photos. Here they are: Paul's photos, My photos, Tom's photos.