Sunday, January 31, 2010


We were back in Comox for the weekend. Lina was running in the "Yeti" snowshoe race... which was quite a spectacle. It all looked like a lot of hard work to me, so I took photographs.

I don't know who they are... but they're off!

The end of Lap 1... about to do it all again.

That looks like a smile to me.

All done.

Where's the winner?

Three fast ladies, in order of fastness: Ceri, Kristinn, and Lina

Lina had a great race and came in 3rd, with her eclectic Arrowsmith Bikes / Steed Cycles / Frontrunners team taking the first three places in the ladies category and 4th, 5th and 6th in the mens. Unsurprisingly, that won them the team event. Good stuff!

After all that standing around and drinking beer I was ready for some skate skiing, so we went off for a loop on the trails with Marc and Nikki then collected Mathilda and Pippa (canines) from the car for a run on the dog-friendly trails. Dog entertainment value was high as Mathilda was suffering a little with the soft snow and kept punching through up to her shoulders and Pippa's approach of zero restraint led to a few spectacular faceplants. She's pretty close to the ground though, so not far to fall. It was a fun ski and Lina looked pretty ready for a rest by the end!

Lina resigned herself to studying worms on Sunday, but Marc, Nikki, Mathilda and I headed out for a ride with the River Rats. We did a great 3 hour loop at "the back of the lake". I'm getting back into riding my cross-country bike ready for the Dirty Duo race that Lina and I have entered for March. This bike loves going up hill, but needs a little finesse to get it back down again. I got pretty fast on it 2 summers ago when I had reasons to ride it a lot, but I've been a bit distracted by other bikes ever since. It's coming back to me slowly... and it's nice to rediscover a bike I shared some fun times with that summer.