Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hefty snow

The North Shore mountains are in the full grip of spring conditions (yes, in January). The trails are free from snow and I expect bluebells to be blooming any day now. Well, I would expect them to be if there were any bluebells on The Shore. Still, it's nice to get an evening ride up to 7th Secret this time of year, even if I did expect to be cross-country skiing.

Luckily, the winter Olympics don't seem to have totally banished winter from BC and it's been snowing away in Whistler. It's still pretty warm, but there's been a good waist-depth of snow in the last few days. Paul, Jacek, and I went out to the Gin and Tonic Lakes area to see what we could find. The approach is a bit of a slog, but we ran into a couple of Austrian guys (Alex and Christian) who added their legs to the trail-breaking rota.

On our first run I didn't have much success in the weighty and deep snow... but we persevered and got our BC skiing skills activated again for another couple of strenuous runs. I think I've skied too much nice snow this winter and I need to get out and ski in the rain more or I'll turn into a powder-snob. The ski back out to the car was classic BC semi-bushwhack through re-frozen lumpy snow with added creek crossings, holes, and of course alders to poke you in the eye. I wouldn't want it any other way. We made it out just as it got dark. My photos are here. Paul's stuff is here.

I took this one of Paul

...and he took this one of me. Seems fair.

This morning Lina and I were re-united with Ben and Johnny the "kayak men" for a Baidarka paddle. It was great to be back on the water and to finish off with a Spanish Omelette at The Lynwood. There were some trademark BC clouds hanging in the trees and a few over the water (along with some trademark BC rain). A great wintry morning to be out... if only we had brought the camera.