Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Andrew in BC UK

I am in the UK. Mostly I have been back in the place I grew up, the New Forest. Lina got a quick tour or my childhood places, running in the forest, a trip on the ferry to Southampton, a night in the pub, and a trip to the beach.

Re-creating one of my childhood activities at Lepe beach.

A foreigner being refused entry to Southampton at the Bargate.

On Sunday we got to the main event... my mum and Peter's wedding. This meant wearing nice clothes, seeing my whole family in one place, and eating a lot of great food. It was a fantastic day and the sun even shone... in the UK. Amazing.

The reason we were here.

The happy couple.

Lina is back in Vancouver, and I will be heading up to Sheffield for a couple of days... then back across the Atlantic. Phew.