Monday, September 28, 2009

One gold star for Merritt

I am 32 years old. Who would have thought it? On Friday night we had a party at our place to celebrate the passing of time, and the fact that I have still not been successful in getting Lina's engagement ring the right size. I think we have finally got there with the ring, but need to wait a couple of weeks for it. If you ever need to avoid doing something the easy way, you know where to come for advice.

The party was fun, a very eclectic group... and I got "The Hungry Cyclist" from Paul and Angie. This seems like I book I should have written. But I didn't. So, I'll just have to read it instead. Somewhere in the midst of the reverie we organised a trip to Merritt to enjoy some dry trails with Paul and Angie. We got a couple of great rides in, ate some food, camped, and took a lot of photos.


Yes, we staged this one.

Paul has terrific photos here. My photos are here.