Monday, February 23, 2009

Mt Cain Telefest

Paul and I head to head in the Tele-slalom

Mount Cain always delivers. It seems to deliver something different every year, but the goods (of some kind) are always there. This year we had lots of people who couldn't make it, missed ferries, rain, wind, people I didn't know sleeping in my bed, wardrobe malfunctions, and another crashed-out run in the tele-slalom.

On the other hand we had sunshine, amazing views, fun skiing, folk music, happy coincidences, a cupboard to sleep in, a $9 PVC trench coat, a nail-biting head to head for Paul and I (at last) in the tele-race, free stuff, great food, hot chocolate, and a spontaneous meeting-up with Marc and Nikki. You can't argue with that.

More photos to come no doubt, but here are Jacek's to start with. Here are Kala's photos. Here are Andy's (no, not me) photos. Here are Jas' photos.

PVC coats as skiwear - the future?