Friday, February 20, 2009

Everything, and nothing.

I've no photos to share, so here are some more of Paul's from Sorcerer, and here's Lina's quick report from TransAndes, which looked awesome... nice going Lina!

Well, I've been up to a few things. I spent Valentine's weekend on Vancouver Island with Marc and Nikki, doing a skate-ski clinic with Strathcona Nordics. We did a load of downhill skills training, which is pretty hilarious on skate-skis. Inspired by this, we took a few rides on the chairlift and did some downhill-skiing on our skate skis. How can something so wrong feel so right? Nikki had to head back to Victoria for work, so Marc and I had a Valentine's lonely-hearts night in with another Comox resident (who's name I have already forgotten, sorry!) watching a Kung-fu movie and talking about home-built aeroplanes and bike racing. Not a bad rescue of Valentine's day!

Last night I has a beautiful paddle with Johnny at Deep Cove. I've graduated to paddling a solo boat (thanks for the loan Stu!) and got my first experience of bioluminescence. I couldn't stop staring at the green glow in my bow-wave and when my paddle hit the water... and the tiny green stars winking in and out in the water. Amazing stuff. 

It's not long until I head down to Patagonia to see Lina and explore "The end of the earth". It's going to be great to see Lina again after all this time and hear about the adventures. But, before I go I have to go and have fun at the Mt Cain telemark festival this weekend, and then head back over to the Island (again!) with Margeret the following weekend to get our CANSI Telemark Ski Instructor's course done. Phew.