Sunday, November 30, 2008

"To Do" list.

I like making lists of things to do. I most like crossing things off the list once I've done them. I remember Jacek and I had an interesting conversation with the shuttle-van driver at the end of TransRockies about what was on our list of things to do in life. I realised that I do have quite a specific list of "things I want to do before I die", but they all seem quite mundane. You would think I should have "cure cancer", or "teach the world to sing" on there... but no. Also, there are a lot of the things I've done in the past few years that I think of as the best, or most significant moments in my life that were never on "the list". So, what's the point? Well, maybe it makes more sense for it to be a list of small things, things I might forget to do otherwise. So, as I've never really made the list anywhere other than my head... here it is, in no order at all:

1) Ice-skate along a frozen waterway of some kind (this is my favourite frozen waterway).
2) Play music in a band again.
3) Climb Mt Baker on skis.
4) Learn yoga.
5) Cook more interesting things.
6) Bake bread.
7) Brew beer.
8) Multi-pitch climb (I did in fact live this dream this summer... but it stays on the list).
9) Do a sea-kayak expedition for a long time, maybe in Alaska.
10) Do a multi-day whitewater kayak trip.
11) Ride my bike in the desert... Utah I think.
12) Go bike touring (I did this... but it's also staying on the list).
13) Get things right with work/home/community/life/love/domestic bliss etc... but that's a bit serious for a list of mundane things, so it's not on the list really. But it is... secretly.
14) Spend time regularly doing something I believe in (I am currently doing that here, and hope to keep that going and make it better).
15) Build bike trails (I've been helping these people off and on, but want MORE).
16) Teach the world to sing.

The list is bound to change, grow, shrink, get lost, be found again... but at least I wrote it down for a change. I'd better go and check if my banana bread is cooked...