Sunday, May 29, 2016

These are a few of my favorite things...

...that I have taken photos of lately. This also serves as a handy update to my increasingly chaotic life, so that's useful. Let the update begin:

Of course, there's the tantalizing buildup to photos of my greatest home-improvement project to date. That's right - the two new berms on my pump track.

Just kidding, it's going to take me ages to finish those because I've been too busy tinkering around with the kitchen. Seriously, I'm "on leave" which I assumed meant "not working". It turns out that looking after a small child and doing things to the house are actually quite a lot of work. Pah. Anyway, this is the kitchen when we got it:

Compared to what we have at the moment, this looks quite nice. I must be doing it wrong.
Someone who knows what they're doing made our kitchen much bigger, and now it's up to me to make it kitchenish again. So far there's been quite a lot of detritus removal and not very much artisanal crafting involved in this project. Here I am removing some vintage roof insulation. It's from the '60s, so I probably should have smoked it instead of taking it to the dump.

My failed audition for The Prodidgy's Outa Space video.
Thankfully, I have at last moved on to making new mess in the kitchen instead of cleaning up old mess. Here's something I'm working on - my very own island. I plan on retiring there. It's going to have a water supply and electricity and everything.

More exciting than any of that, my Mum and Peter visited and Peter dew this picture of Brian making our plans into reality.

Something actually artisanal.
While they were here, other than drawing pictures, we did a bit of travelling around and Tav got to know some of his more far flung relatives (or maybe I am the one who flung himself). Being proud BC residents, we took our guests to experience the delights of Revelstoke and Nakusp. Serously - check out these delights:

Revelstoke. Yes, that's just outside town. Lina paddling - obviously.

Nakusp. I am not joking. Lina paddling again.
We did our best to be good hosts, though pretty much failed and instead had them digging the garden, taking stuff to the dump, and looking after Tav while we went mountain biking. Come again soon!

At least christening the new deck was a reward.
I know by now that there will be trouble if I don't deliver any cute baby photos, to I came prepared.

Tav - always ready to give anything a chew.

I am actually playing with my phone in this picture and totally ignoring the smiling baby strapped to my back.
Parent-crime #267