Sunday, February 7, 2016

Family (Man) Day

Tomorrow is Family Day in British Columbia. Hooray! The significance of Family Day is, you've guessed it, cheap passes for skiing. You didn't guess that? Well, you will know next time.

So... today four family members loaded up in Big Stupid and took the smallest family member for a ski at Sovereign Lakes... and we didn't even buy him a ski pass at all.

Call the cops - only one of these people has paid.
Then, like all smug British Columbians, we went to the beach after skiing. There was only a bit of snow on the beach, which counts as tropical in my book (it's an odd book).

A family, enjoying the tropical idyll of Kal Lake
Now, I know the demand is out there, so here are more pictures of the small person. Hint - click the baby for more.

Tav Life - February