Friday, November 20, 2015


Like any good 1960's North American house, ours came equipped with a "Recreation Room". I like the way that sounds. However, the faux-wood paneling and once-shag carpet were not what they had once been and so the finale (for now) of our home improvement was to do something about it.

The theme was decided by using up paint we already had and doing everything else as cheaply as possible. Using office carpet tiles meant I could lay it myself, and it should cope with the boisterous activities this room is likely to have to deal with. All that remained was for me to make a little wheely-base for the slightly weary ping-pong table that's been in Alan's yard for a while and the recreation could begin.

As it was. Sadly the incredible carpet had reached the end of it life (some years ago)

As it is now. Surplus office carpet tiles, surplus paint from the living room, and a surplus ping-pong table from Alan's house.

The new home of part of Lina's trophy collection