Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hot fluff

This weekend I was mostly helping to make this happen...

Deep, but not particularly crisp. 
If you picture three miniature combine harvesters mangling up bales of pink fuzz and then a big fan blowing the resulting mess down 100 feet of pink hose, you will visualize what Marc and I got up to this weekend. There was also squeezing into small spaces, clambering around in roof trusses, and sawing through the ceiling to enjoy.

Wild times indeed.

It's worth noting that Marc and Nikki's attic space reaches temperatures I've not experienced since we lived in China. Post-boiling adjournment to the forest for some recovery biking felt really good.

After all of that, there was visiting of Paul and Angie's new grown-up house (not grow-op house) on the Lulu Island Riviera. We visited their local where there was beer and food, so that was a pretty much unqualified success.

Other things also happened this weekend (and last night), but they will remain shrouded in mystery for a little while to make them more exciting.

End of communication.