Monday, November 11, 2013

Some things are so good they're worth doing nine times, and then planning again for next year.

Firstly, here's my entry for the first ever Mud Ride video/slideshow contest... celebrating the Mud Ride since its inception in 2005.

This year the weather was kind to us and we were treated to marginal amounts of mud and even the big yellow thing appearing in the sky (briefly).

The main ingredients of this year's mud ride: bikes, dogs, bike riders, and curry (not shown).

Day 1 on Burke featured various slippery wood to ride over. Demonstrated here by Suzanne and Pippa.

Lina and Cashew tackling some rotting cedar.

...and finally Natalie and Nikki.
The evening was taken up with curry eating and then annual reports in the form of slideshows from Paul and Angie (studying and bike adventures), Alex (a revisiting of the Burning Man festival), Johnny (a bike voyage through the UK), Lina (Molokai to Oahu SUP), me (Mud Ride anthology) and Marc and Nikki (Newfoundland). It's a great new tradition, I'll have to make something new for next year.

Day 2 started off feeling like Christmas. No-one could explain why, but everyone agreed. At the crack of noon we headed out for a ride on Sumas Mountain, but I failed to take any photographs. Our link-up of Knob Gobbler / Holiday Sauce / Extra Sauce / Emma Peel got us back to the car just before dark.

The extra bonus day allowed us by the long weekend saw Johnny, Marc and Lina head off paddling up Widgeon Creek with the salmon and Kala, Nikki and myself heading to The Woodlot for a final ride.

The trail is called Crazy Carpenter. Go figure.
Next year will be the tenth year of the Mud Ride, and will hopefully see us revisit Comox, where it all began. Wherever it is, I am glad of it.