Monday, October 14, 2013

Backyard Poultry (Winthrop Thanksgiving 2013)


Winthrop Thanksgiving 2013, a set on Flickr.

I started writing this for last weekend's post... but that never happened (the writing about it that is). Luckily it fits in just fine for this weekend.

There are some things it takes me a long time to get around to doing. There's also the endless growing of my "fun things to-do" list, in my head, which can be a distraction from actually doing those things. One such thing was to ride my bike in the Lake Chelan area, not far from Mazama and Winthrop, where we have spent the past five Thanksgiving weekends very happily.

So it came to pass that I would spend last weekend riding in a hedonistic truck-shuttle up the hill style and drinking beer by the campfire with Colin and some other Seattle chaps. There was a big truck, a lot of fast riding, and some no-so-fast riding and crashing in the snow. Chelan is an area I now need to go back to, to pedal up the hills without truck-able roads.

And writing of pedaling up....

Some things never change, and I am glad that Thanksgiving in Mazama is one of them. We were sadly down founder-members Angie and Paul from the Canadian-Thanksgiving-in-the-US collective, but we were up an Adam and a Shane from Olympia and 19 Vancouverites who filled 3 houses down the road from us in Winthrop. An exodus perhaps.

We re-visited Starvation Mountain, Pipestone Canyon, and The Rendezvous... abandoning plans of trying something new due to the amount of snow high up. Maybe next year we will explore further afield, but that's hard when there's so many fun things to ride closer to "home". All in all, an excellent time with excellent people.

P.S. "Backyard Poultry" is a real magazine that I found in the rack of Annie's Pizza Station in Concrete, WA. Where else would you find such a thing? The pizza's just as good as the magazine rack if you're ever passing that way.