Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seeds of change

Maybe it's the unsettled weather we've had recently, but I feel a change is coming. If I was a cow, I would probably lie down right now. The first rustling in the leaves (can you tell I'm enjoying this confusing analogy?) involves me getting on with some of the projects I've been stockpiling in my brain, and on our windowsill, for the past few months. I'm going to need photographs and pictures of these things to provoke a storm. I'm also going to need to get myself over to Emily Carr University one lunchtime next week. 

My doodling skills might need to be upgraded

My workbench - an instrument of change
On a more practical note I got some actual seeds and made them into breakfast for next week. This is one of many habits we developed during our period of thrifty-living this winter I'm happy to keep. One habit we had to give up and I'm happy to have back is going to places like the new Far Out Coffee Post for lunch. The gentrification of our neighborhood has its positives, though I really wish we hadn't been re-branded as the "East Village". This is possibly the least imaginative name ever... and what was wrong with Hastings Sunrise anyway?

Seeds of breakfast