Thursday, January 3, 2013

New year dog-party

We saw-in the new year in Maple Falls, Washington. Whilst Maple Falls is nice, the real draw was Mount Baker and the park-and-play backcountry skiing available down there. It's almost like drive-though Wendy's, but for mountains. We took advantage of the stable snow, good visibility and massive amount accumulated festive season calories to do a circuit around Table Mountain with some excellent skiing on the way.

What goes around? We did.
Lina, circumnavigating some American snow
Other than gobbling yet more lovely food, which I seriously need a break from now, and skiing around mountains we had a fine number of four-legged friends to play with. Our new-years day ski was a genuine dog-party.
The small white one
...and the big black one two more furry friends (who were interested in Lina's lunch)
How many dogs can you find in the picture?
And finally, here's a couple of things which slipped through the (inter)net. Can you see what I did there? It's a joke. Like, "slipped through the net", but on the.... oh, never mind.

Our new plant apparently likes 2013. Thanks Marc and Nikki!