Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My life is ruining my blog

This is getting ridiculous. I'm so out of date with writing anything interesting on here I'm bored of the things that used to be interesting before I've even bored anyone with how interesting they are. What's more, I don't even remember what it was I did anyway... so it can't have been all that interesting, right?

Now I'm confused... but here goes with a canned history of all the things I've forgotten over the past month.

Thing #1: Elk-Thurston Ridge Ride. 
After years of talking about doing it (which incidentally is an excellent way of one day actually doing something) Paul, Lina, and I rode this legendary ridge on our mountain bikes in the middle of a cloud, so no alpine views could be seen at all. There was ferocious bushwhacking, lovely fall colors  occasionally good riding, and plenty of general camaraderie from what I remember... though this did all happen approximately one million years ago so it may have been awful and I just forgot.

I'm smiling, so apparently it was fun.
Oh, and see that jacket? I got that in China and it says "Made in Canada" on it.

Thing #2: Birthday
Since being my birthday, it's also been Lina's birthday... but we'll get to that in the correct temporal sequence. My birthday was spent inhaling mostly sawdust, but I also was lucky enough to inhale some more tasty things including chocolate-covered fruit courtesy of Lina's dad, and a dosa at House of Dosas. I am now unbelievably old and even more drastically need a haircut than I did in these pictures.


Dosa and cake. See that writing on the cake board? It's ketchup. No joke.
The last ting I got to inhale for my birthday was some lovely fresh air thanks to Lina who arranged for me to go paragliding from Grouse Mountain with a friend who handily knows how to fly one of those things. I hiked up to the top, and flew back down... which was considerably more fun. I think I have found a future hobby.

Up above the streets and houses...
Thing #3: Lina's birthday
Winter has finally struck Vancouver. There's snow on the mountains, chill in the air, and grey in the sky. We welcomed in the cold season by going to the beach for the weekend. Obviously. We had what turned out to be a very pleasant weekend away in Tofino, staying in the eclectic (and most importantly, warm) Tofino Traveler's Guesthouse. Two-and-a-half days of (occasional) sun, sea, surf, and, err, snow (really) made a fitting end to the summer season, and it really wasn't all that cold in a wetsuit. Honest.

Lina feeling swell (can you see what I did there?)

Temperate rainforest surfing.

Thing #4: The final thing.
Thanksgiving was my deadline to start seriously searching for paid employment. So... I am searching. If you want and data trawled through, analysed, and made into a pretty story for people to read, just let me know. I can fix your bike too if you like. In-between filling out job applications and trawling the depths of job-boards I've been finishing off the last few pieces of our apartment renovation. It's tantalizingly close to being nearly-finished (I think "nearly" is the closest to finished that it will ever get). I'll take some pictures of it eventually... or maybe make a "video tour". That might be fun...