Tuesday, July 17, 2012


We did a five day canoe (and SUP) circuit in Algonquin Park. The local outfitters thought Lina was the first person to do this route on a SUP... but I doubt she will be the last. I paddled a solo canoe for the first time which is something I would definitely like to do again. The canoe was much more fun to paddle and more comfortable than a sea kayak for this kind of trip.

Opeongo Point to the squaw Bay (West shore of Opeongo Lake).
5.14km, 1h26m moving time.

Squaw Bay to Proulx Lake
15.0km, 3h24m moving time.
175m and 965m portages. We took two trips for each, carrying the board on top of the canoe.
Camped on a rocky headland on the west shore of the lake.

The start of Crow River
Proulx  Lake to Big Crow Lake
14.4km, 3h30m moving time.
Crow River into Little Crow Lake was weedy, but passable. Moderate headwind toards the end of the day.
Lots of wind-damaged trees in the first camp we looked at on Big Crow Lake so we moved onto a beach site at the south-east end near the mouth of the Crow River.

Crow River joining Little Crow Lake

Big Crow Lake to Lake Lavielle
23.7km, 6h15m moving time.
Shallow and weedy river was slow going. Seven short portages plus some sections of wading and lifting the boat over rocks and beaver dams.
Frustrating and slow progress, but a beautiful campsite on a rocky outcrop at the entrance of Lake Lavielle.

Lake Lavielle
Happy camper
Lake Lavielle to Opeongo East Arm
23.7km, 5h50m moving time.
Long Portage (Dickson-Bonfield - 5.3km) was tough going, but worked well with Lina carrying all the gear in two packs while I carried the canoe on the yoke and paddleboard deflated in the pack.
We camped at the end of the last portage on the end of Opeongo East Arm.

5.3km of this was slow going
Opeongo East Arm to Opeongo Point
15.7km, 2h 52m moving time.
6.30am start to beat the winds with mist rising off the water. A fast paddle back to our starting point on Opeongo Point.