Sunday, April 1, 2012

Jiangjin and Youxi by bike

Spring has sprung in Yongchuan, so before the temperature rises to 38 degrees and the sky is obscured by smog we've been scouring Google Earth for places to visit by bike. This weekend we tackled some lumpy but relatively quiet country roads that led us to the surprisingly nice town of Jiangjin for the night. On the way we found the last remnants of a nice old Chinese town on the banks of the Yangtze called Youxi which appears to be rapidly turning into a load of ugly apartment buildings. After causing a spectacle as we walked through town looking foreign and a long night's sleep in a bargain-priced hotel (sadly the in-house bowling alley was not working) we road back to Yongchuan. Here are some pictures...

Old-skool farmhouse

Another wonky old farm with strange plants drying outside

Patchwork fields

Boats on the Yangtze at Youxi

A door to a forgotten past, or just a door?

The old and the new in Youxi

Along with plastic gnomes, I'm enjoying collecting
pictures of ugly town-square sculptures in China

SUV driver of tomorrow

A more luxurious farm

It can't be China without some black smoke