Monday, September 5, 2011

If you like it then you should put a stick in it

I'm three days deep into my teaching career and whilst it's been no plain sailing, I think I will survive. Standing in front of the class has been easy, which I think I have mainly my work with Our Community Bikes customers to thank for. The tough part is figuring out how and what to teach the kids...

Now, in culinary news I think we have some real headlines. We've eaten plenty of great food (mainly derived from pigs) here, but Sunday was a tour-de-force of budget cuisine triumphs. Let me elaborate:

Lunch: Cold noodles with soy sauce, oil, chills, peanuts, some herb-ish green things, and some magic spices. So simple... but so good on a hot day. This feast (with a bowl of alarming-looking cold kidney bean soup, which is actually really good) costs around 4 Yuan per head (that's 62 cents Canadian).

Desert: A frozen blob of peas attached to a stick and covered with frozen yogurt. Trust me on this one... it's the future. Frozen peas on a stick covered with yogurt? Yes. Amazing. Oh, and the price... about 16 cents each.

Dinner: The joy here is really the ambiance. Sitting on a tiny plastic stool on the sidewalk around a low table, listening to a small child singing karaoke through PA system of a mobile-phone vendor. Take your pick out of an amazing selection of vegetables, eggs, fungi, tofu, steamed-buns, and meat if you want. Pile it on a tray and give it to the lady to barbecues it and brings it back tasting amazing (and probably laden with MSG... I but I try not to think about that). A hearty feast for 2 will set you back around $4.50. Oh... and if you want a beer with that, add 80 cents. Unfortunately the beer is awful, so maybe just have a few more interesting mushrooms instead.

There are some photos of our other weekend bicycle and running-related fun here: