Tuesday, June 14, 2011

When will this infernal racing end?

This weekend, I continued "not being really into racing" by agreeing to do another race. Ridiculous. This time I was half of a 2-man team with Paul, racing for Syndicate Industries in the 2nd Annual Wade's Excellent Adventure on Mt Fromme.  The format was a sort of treasure-hunt style, where we were given instructions on which trails to ride, then came back for more instructions until we had done 3 loops. For anyone who this means something to, we rode: Seventh Secret, Crinkum Crankem, Ladies Only, Executioner, Dreamweaver, St Mary's, King of the Shore, Roadside Attraction, and Bobsled... with some Baden Powell and Mountain Highway thrown in to link it all together. Pretty much all of my favorite Fromme trails in just under 3 hours. Phew.

My increasingly wonky Blur 4X held together and we ended up 3rd in the 2 man team category and 5th overall... proof of which is here. Unfortunately we managed to be in the wrong place at the right time, and avoided the award presentations. Oops. Maybe one day I will learn to read the instructions carefully.