Monday, April 25, 2011

A ____ by any other name

On our Trophy Hut trip, we decided that it was fair to describe any day of ski-touring or mountain biking as "essentially flat" if you start and finish at the same point. This works well with along with popular directions like "mostly downhill (apart from the climb)", "up and down (mostly up)", and "not (that much) further". 

This weekend we made a trip to Washington State, stopping off in Everett for a SUP race (Lina's department), before heading down to visit friends in Olympia.

On our ride in the Capitol Forest of Washington State with Chris and Kathleen we explored the concept of optimistic naming a little further. We rode "about 20 miles", which took "around 3 hours"... and all of the climbs were "flowing". It was a great ride, on dry trails, in the sunshine.

The Washington jungle
The rains returned on Sunday, so we stopped for some unconventional riding in Seattle... under the I5 highway bridge at Colonnades Park. It is incredible what has been built under the highway deck. You can ride dry, dusty trails, jumps, and woodwork... in the rain, with the rumble of traffic above you. Strange, but fun. Photos here.

An Orange Bike, exploring the urban jungle