Thursday, November 18, 2010

Creaky tendon

I am lucky... in many ways now I come to mention it. But, my point is that I am lucky to have had a relative lack of injuries over the years. This is great, considering I fall off my bike a lot, I hit trees and rocks... and I ask my body to do things that it finds strenuous. I like to think that my fairly relaxed approach to things helps with that. If it hurts too much... I slow down.

Still, I have finally achieved a genuine "sports injury". Hooray! Oh, that's not so good is it. After out trip to Tofino, I had a bit of pain in my right wrist... so I ignored it. That proved to be a mistake. After a week of typing and fixing bikes I had a big red lump on my forearm, and a horrible "creaking" feeling when I moved my wrist. It has since become a party trick of mine to have friends put their hand on my arm and "creak" it for them. The reactions are usually something along the lines of "You want to put some oil on that".

It's getting better though. I refused a bike ride (imagine that) and ended up running along with the riders instead, taking a few grainy and blurry photos in the dark forest. I was pleased with these of Conor and Suzanne...

I had a relaxing weekend, watching some folk music, eating food, and enjoying the company of visitors Marc and Nikki (plus "live animals" Pippa and Mathilda). Between the rest from fun activities, a less crazy week of typing, and the inti-inflammatories the doctor prescribed me... I'm on the mend. Paul and I might go hunting for snow at the weekend... the winter is upon us.