Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stop. Hallow's time.

In stark contract to my last couple of posts, I have no pictures... moving or stationary to share. I've been able to get out quite a bit on bikes lately, including a couple of rides in Squamish and Whistler which happened as a by-product of buying a new (to me) bike. Exciting stuff. I have a strict "One in, one out" rule on bikes, being the sort of person who would have about 7 bikes if left unrestrained. I don't think anyone needs that many bikes, so I limit myself to 5... if you don't count my pub-bike. Or the one in my mum's garage... hmm...  Oh dear.

Anyway, the point is I have retired my old cyclocross bike and will sell off the parts I can't use. A sad day, but we move on and I will have a new mountain bike, which is far more fun than a cyclocross bike anyway. Besides, I only have 2 mountain bikes already. Oh dear.

To balance things out, I did something which involved no bicycles at all on Sunday.  I ran in the Hallow's Eve trail race on the North Shore. The results are here, so you can play a for of textual "Where's Waldo" if you are inclined. It was quite fun, and there was lots of mud, and free cake afterwards... so that's good.

Halloween is nearly here, and I haven't got a stitch to wear. I'm sure I'll wing it somehow. Besides, I fixed 3 bikes tonight and will probably fix many more tomorrow at OCB... maybe I can just cover my hands with grease and go as bicycle repair man.