Thursday, June 10, 2010

Putting things together

Last weekend I at last got out on a trail maintenance day... in the sunshine no less. It's been ages since I did one of these, and I've missed the satisfaction of hauling rocks around and digging in the mud. This time I went along to the Knee Knacker trail day on Baden Powell. There is even photographic evidence of my bucket handling skills. I'll get to run along our new section of trail when I do the race in July. Maybe we shouldn't have put so many steps in it...

On Sunday we headed out to Port Moody to Leo and Karen's yard-warming party and for a ride. We rode up to the superbly-named "Decapitator", then all the way back down the mountain to the waiting barbecue. The trails out there make me think the North Shore must have been like that when the trails were new, before all the rock-paving was done. It was good to ride some different stuff and to give the new fork on The Orange Bike a trial run. The departure of my old Santa Cruz (post-NIMBY50) and the renovation of The Orange Bike is now finished and it's feeling very sprightly indeed with it's new handlebar, tires, fork, and various bearings. I also bowed to current mountain bike fashions and fitted a Gravity Dropper seatpost that I can remotely activate to spring up and whack me in the groin. Sounds great. Now I just need to finish making my cyclocross/road bike back into something I can ride and I will have an apartment full of working bikes... until I break one again.

Here it is, a picture of my bicycle on the internet.