Monday, April 5, 2010

Seasonal affective disorder

What exactly is going on with the weather these days? I remember when this was all fields... jumpers for goalposts... etc. We had the winter Olympics here in Vancouver, during which winter was nowhere to be seen. As soon as the Olympics leave town, guess who comes rolling back in? Oh yes. Old man winter has draped his big snowy beard over the mountains once again.

After a fairly amazing lack of co-ordination, too much work, and certified grade 5 faff... we did actually make it into the mountains for (most of) the long weekend. Tom, SJ, Lina, and I spent 3 days getting into and out of Ipsoot Mountain, and doing a bit of skiing while we were there.

The ski in was "a good length"... which means it took most of the day. By the time we got our camp set up, we didn't feel like any more skiing so we cooked and ate lots of food instead. Winner.

Winter camping is fun! (Tom's photo)

The next day we set off for the real business... to do some skiing on the Ipsoot Glacier. There are plenty of photos of that here. These are some of my favorite moments (Tom's photos).

Lina is happy about something

Me, suffering

Me, no-longer suffering

This trip was also my first go on my new skis (yes, more new skis). I took some photos to comemorate their loveliness before they get all beaten up.

New skis go camping

New skis enjoy the view

Lina and I are off to Baja to paddle sea kayaks for the next couple of weeks... so no doubt I will unload endless details about that onto the internet when we get back.