Sunday, January 11, 2009

Like a wet weekend.

This weekend was damp. The cold weather has passed, the huge heaps of snow in town are melting, and the North Shore has got it mysterious, cloudy cloak back on. This is the Vancouver I know and love.

On Saturday some riding deprived bikers (Jacek, Tracy, Suzanne, and I) made a bold ascent of the towering edifice that is Burnaby Mountain. Well... we pushed out bikes up in the rain and slush for a while anyway. Jacek and I got our lumberjack action going, shifting a few fallen trees from the trail and shovelling off snow from some of the ramps. Some of the trail was clear, but really not much. We pushed up to near the top of Nicole's trail and then had a fun toboggan/bike "ride" down. I made sure I enjoyed every inch of clear trail and it felt great to be back out in the forest again. It's melting fast at low elevations so I think we will have some trail to ride soon.

Crazy wide-angle photo courtesy of Tom

Today we did something more appropriate in the snow and skiied up Hollyburn, the North Shore's original ski hill... and now mostly a snowshoe and cross-country ski area. We ended up with quite a gang making the trip up the hill. Margaret, Kala, Sarah, Tom, Paul, Angie, Dave, Geraldine, Gustav and me. Gustav, Tom, and I made a brave attempt at skiing down through the trees to the road. It was a little adventure in deep, wet snow with huge bombs of melting snow falling out of the trees everywhere, navigating gulleys and shuffling our way through the ups and downs. Dubious skiing certainly, but great to be out there.

It's been great to be back among the trees getting cold and wet with friends and then to find some hot coffee and a cake. I also have some nice new trousers to ski in, which are great. Yeah for friends, new trousers, wet feet, coffee, and cake.