Monday, October 6, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Today, I start a new job. This job is doing much the same thing I've been doing for a while... for people I have worked for before, but it is new none the less. In the calm before the storm I've been up to some of the usual fun, and some unusual fun too.

Last week I finally rode my bike out on the long causeway from Iona Beach Park. This is one of those "things to do in Vancouver" that I had never done... so I did. It was strange looking back at Vancouver from what was apparently the middle of the sea, and being quite close to some big ships. After that I went and joined the monthly civil disobedience of Critical Mass... where cyclists "Don't stop traffic, they are traffic". It's all a lot of fun, riding through town with a huge group of bikes and maybe even adds weight to the argument for improving and building new bike lanes. Who knows.

My bike, at sea.

A boat, quite close.

Vancouver is over there.

This (slightly extended) weekend I mountain biked in the rain in Squamish with Lina... then paddled some whitewater on the Cheakamus with Kala and Lina, raced in a cyclocross race, and ran around Buntzen Lake. I'm pretty happy with all that for one weekend. 

Paul and I flew the Fig Rolls flag at New Brighton Park, which is conveniently right down the road from my house. Lina battled the 'cross bikes on her mountain bike and is pretty keen to get a more appropriate machine for next time. I loved the whole comedy experience that is cyclocross... riding road bikes on slippery grass around 180 degree switchbacks as fast as you can. Who invented this silly sport? I think it might have been the Dutch. The race went pretty well, though we're not very sure of the results yet. The venue was really great, a bizarre mixture of the industrial side of Vancouver with the backdrop of the ocean and the North Shore mountains. Angie was on photography duty and took some great pictures... some are on Paul's blog.

Spot the Fig Rolls.

Jumping over planks with a bike... what else?

After the race, Lina and I went over to Port Moody and ran around Buntzen Lake on the Diez Vistas trail. The views back towards North Vancouver were really beautiful and the forest was full of fallen leaves and autumn foresty smells. Then to finish off a great day we cooked dinner with Paul and Angie, including flambĂ© banana... which only resulted in minor burns to my arm. 

Now to get back to work!