Friday, May 9, 2008

Big Friday

Friday the 18th April 2008 is a day I think I'll remember for a while. It was my last day of work (in this job anyway) which had been preceded by a week of packing up the flat to move out (on the 18th) , and fly to the UK (on the 18th). Added fun was provided by the cable company who accidentally disconnected the internet and phone from the flat a week early... forcing me to work from various nice cafes on Main Street which have wireless internet. Oh, the hardship. To cut a long story short, I finished work, moved out, and got on the plane (eventually).

First stop was London, which was conveniently where the plane landed. I made a tour of Raynes Park, Hammersmith, and the King's Road meeting up with Sarah and Luke, Dave, Fiona, and Will from school days, and Alex from Victoria. Thanks to everyone for the beds to sleep in and the company... it was great to see you all.

The next stop on my tour was Oxford to visit my Grandma and meet Mum. Along the way we saw the Headington Shark, which recently celebrated its 21st birthday. Happy Birthday Shark.
The next few days we spent back and forth between my Mum's place and Oxford before I headed up to Sheffield, en route to the main event of the trip. The main event was Emma and Marcus' wedding, which was near Brighton, so Sheffield wasn't really on the way between Southampton and there... but it was the way I did it. As usual a fine time was had in Sheffield, starting off with an evening at the BMX track, followed by the pub, curry, Mark's birthday, Pete's band, the pub again, more curry, road biking, the pub again... and a long drive down to Brighton.

Despite growing up not far along the coast from Brighton I don't remember ever having been there before. It was all very English and pretty, with views like this:

People like this:

...and lighthouses like this:

Emma and Marcus' wedding was a lot of fun... most of Sheffield seemed to have been transplanted to the south coast and it was great to see everyone. The venue was really great too, and even had an outdoor (unheated) swimming pool, which certain people may have ended up in later in the evening. Emma and Marcus managed to say the right things at the right time, the ring didn't get lost, and now they are Mr and Mrs... congratulations and thanks for inviting us!